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Well, I've read everything between my last post and this one. I've thought about it. I've come to this.

In the past, when confronted with something sudden and new, no matter how well trained I was there was always a pause. It might not be obvious - tenths of a second - but it's there. So, in this case there would be a brief period of thought.

Unless it was my child (see below) I'd hope I'd remain logical enough not to want to close on and engage in close combat with a bunch of dogs that are hell of a lot batter at that than I am when I have a weapon that works at a distance. And you can add to the fact that because of the drop, I might not even get close enough to attack them with hands, feet and whatever. Why would you give up the only advantage you have?

I think I'd give that advantage up if it was my child because I'm a coward. I couldn't face my wife and kids if I didn't live up to what I and they think is my obligation. I know this is true because I've taken risks before because I was more concerned about what my comrades would think than what would happen to me. I guess cowardice can be a tool.

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