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As has been mentioned, in a HD scenario, you really only have three options... risk the hearing damage, (If you can get to them) wear electronic hearing protection that can both amplify what you want to hear, and dampen what you don't, or give the guy your gun and pray...

I don't recommend the last one... But the middle one has all kinds of benefits. Some of those hearing amplification muffs are amazing. I was shooting trap at my Uncle's farm/pheasant preserve/scholastic clays trap range. The range butts up against a highway. It's yards and yards and yards to the highway, a 2 lane highway with LARGE shoulder and two big road ditches... and several more yards into the field across the road to a windmill designed to operate a water pump for the cattle. I could hear the windmill turning in the breeze in between firing. It actually drove me nuts the whole round trying to figure out what I was hearing. I wouldn't mind having that kind of advantage if I'm behind my bedroom door with my pistol in my hand trying to figure out just what's going on on the other side of the door, as well as what I need to do about it. And save my hearing.

As for the legal ramifications... I hope you're protected by the castle doctrine. And those electronic jobs have two purposes, both an equal justification for puttnig the things on.. "No, Officer I didn't shoot, because I recognized the voice as that of my daughter's now-ex-boyfriend. Now arrest the little creep for sneaking in here with my underage daughter.", or "Yes, Officer, I distinctly heard the leader say 'You kill the old couple, I'll start collecting their silver.'".

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