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Well Gus, I'm about your size. And I carry a full size 1911 Sig Sauer Nightmare. At our size, and IWB, not many reasons to go smaler than 5". Your pants cover the barrel length, and your torso is more than capable of hiding the full size grip. If your hands are like mine, you'd hate the shorter grip on a 3 incher anyway, so unless you have health reasons to carry lighter, get the full size.

I have an IWB holster from Kramer leather. They're a local and internet based business in the Seattle, WA area. There's a company down in FLA that is almost a carbon copy. I went with Kramer for two reasons- Their belt loops screw on.. and I can't get a snap IWB back on comfortably and correctly without fiddling with the belt anyway, so I figured just lock the sucker down, and.. they're local. So web search kramer gun leather, or Florida holster maker if you want. Galco also had a decent IWB horse hide called the Summer Comfort or some such. (I think this is the FLA place but can't be 100% sure anymore)

or the Galco one I was talking about

Don't forget your gun belt. I have two, a leather one from Gould & Goodrich. cheap but effective on Amazon. The thing was absolutely huge. I got the "right" size for me, and had to punch four more holes in the thing, and I have an Instructor's Belt from Wilderness Tactical... I picked up one of these: with the CSM lining, and absolutely love it to death. I chose Easy Fit because they like to ding you for being larger, and I could slip under that threshhold on easy fit, as well as it just having a larger fit range to make you more confident of getting the right size.

Carrying my nightmare, I've figured out conealabiltiy is more about the stuff you use to carry, rather than what you carry. Though I will admit the fastback grip does help a little... with a standard grip, the corner will poke just a tad more.
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