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Originally Posted by kraigwy
The second, witch is used in long rang precision rifle shooting is referred to as "driving the rifle".

What this amounts to is getting straight behind the rifle. Under recoil the rifle comes straight back. No angle what so ever. Your body absorbs all the recoil equally. As you fire, the rifle jump should not to the left or right under recoil, but straight back. No lateral movement at all of the muzzle.

A good way to practice this method is get a shooting mat, or piece of tarp to shoot off of. Draw a line straight down the center of the mat. The where you elbows set, draw a line across the mat making a perfect Cross.

Line up so your body and rifle is straight down the line you drew down the length of the mat. Place you elbows on the lines that go across the mat.

As you shoot, the rifle will come straight back with no muzzle movement to the right or left.
I have seen people do this, but never read the explanation. Thanks. I was still using the offset to the left position illustrated by little green army guys in the prone.

Seems as if having one's right shoulder farther forward would change where his cheek lands. Does "driving the rifle" allow a taller fellow to use a shorter stock?
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