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I've owned a J-22 since about 1990. Mine is the chrome one with wood grips, and metal "safety". Have fired many many rounds through it over the years. The only thing I've ever had to replace is a spring I lost on takedown. It's 99% reliable when clean and shooting CCI Stingers; about 95% reliable shooting cheap 22LR; and unreliable when dirty.

J-22's are not Glocks - they need to be thoroughly cleaned OFTEN, while shooting and oiled. I've seen some pretty beat-up J-22's - I wonder if these folks treat their 1911's the same way???

Also, not all J-22's are the same. Many, especially the later produced guns, were made with plastic safeties, and those can be a problem. Even with a steel safety (which mine has - verified with a magnet), I never felt comfortable carrying it with a round chambered. IT'S A $69 HANDGUN! I have carried mine in the inside jacket pocket of a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle from Florida to New Mexico and back, through some nasty weather. It didn't rust, corrode, or experience any chrome flake, but I did try to keep it clean. I haven't shot it in a while, I'm thinking it's due for another beating.

Oh, the one thing you need to watch out for when shooting a J-22 is not to ride the grip too high (easy to do) - or that slide will bite the web between your thumb and finger!

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