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My first match wasn't that long ago, uspsa, and i didn't go into it with any thoughts of winning, i mean i went to several to watch prior to going to complete, so maybe that is where my view on it was different. I have seen how good a shot some of those guys are, and how fast others were, while not the best shots.

While i was just watching someone who was one of the better shooters i came to find out, accidentally had a discharge during his draw, luckily he had already cleared the hostler and was at least aimed in the direction of the target. He said later it was a stupid mistake he knew better, but it happened all the same. Point being, no matter your skill level your just one moment of stupidity away from being "that guy" his friends razed him a bit for what happened, but everyone also said, at least it wasn't worse.

My first match went great, i ended up around the 3/4 area in the ranking for the day in my division, so i was very pleased that i had not come in dead last. but i was expecting to, so instead of trying to out do everyone i just said, well its a given people who do whatever it is your trying for the first time, will be better at it then you are, you are never going to win your first time out, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it.

All of the shooters at my club, and i mean every single one, once they saw me show up to watch for a 2nd time, approached me either that day or on one of the next few to ask me questions regarding what i was wanting to do, and buy, and offered suggestions on everything from ammo, to firearms, to holsters, belts even shirts and pants, and after the match was over, 2 of them on different days even let me walk the course with them, using there gear and actually shoot the targets, and when i offered to cover the cost of the ammo they declined. they offered pointers along the way, and welcomed me into the group, expressing how excited they were to have another person wanting to join in.

now i will grant you, i am not like the person that the OP spoke of, but then again, at least from the way that sounded, he isn't like the people at my range either. or maybe he just had a particularly bad day, and that flavored his view of events.
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