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The Dillon is a wildcat. I do not see ammo anywhere.
Yes, that's for sure, but, I don't see much 10mm ammo floating around much either. That's why God invented "mail order" I been MO sense the early 80s (Have to miss the COD. LOL).

TBS, I have my own great source's, and I don't fool around when it comes to a good deal, I buy up and it hurts at first, but coming up range day (?) I'm golden.

Redhawk, my friend's .500 would leave your Ruger in the dust. What is your point?

No point, much! This is about 10mm vs .357mag.

The .41 mag is so far beyond the 10mm they should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

You just did!
Now .41mag should not ......44mag.........Blah blah blah
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