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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I have spent the last several months by doing some heavy reading and contemplating on the 1000s of choices out there. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that I have spent too long making a decision and have ended up in a serious predicament.

I have a small list of items that are of high priority to me on my first AR: mid length gas system, 1:7 twist chrome lined barrel, adjustable stock, and some type of fixed front sight.

A build is something I have considered and is definitely not out of my realm in terms of mechanical ability but at this point I rather get a rifle and go shoot.

After traveling to every LGS within 75 miles of my home I have realized that this is not going to be a reality for me in the near future with, what seems to be, an impending shortage of rifles.

So here is my questions, should I wait for a rifle that has all the above items or should I sacrifice one or more of those items in order to have the rifle now?

If I opt for a rifle now it seems I will either sacrifice the mid gas tube or the 1:7 twist.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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