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I have a 10/22 with the Archangel 'Nomad' (used to be the Marauder) kit on it to make it look like a G36c except with a longer barrel on it. I think it's a pretty cool little tacticool rifle. I even found a set of side rails that were for one of my buddy's airsoft guns that fit right on, which is kind of nice.

I can tell you that while the Archangel Nomad looks really cool, it sucks because you ever put optics on it, you will have to re-zero every time if you want to do a thorough cleaning. The top has to come all the way off... The sights on it leaves much to be desired as well.
I have to completely disagree with this. I've had zero issues with my sights wondering on it even after a full disassemble. The sights that were on the top rail also weren't that bad. Yes they're not 'H&k spec' sights but they worked pretty darn well for popping at golfballs and soda cans at the range. I took them off so I wouldn't have them lingering in my optic when I was aiming.
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