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The Rem and Sako are different.
If I plug into Quickload that the Rem is getting 2700 fps 7mm-08 26" with 45.5 gr H4350 and 150 gr BT, then I have to fool with the start pressure and/or OAL to get QL to agree.
Under those conditions 22" would make 2598 fps, 18" would make 2368 fps.
All at 48,191 psi
But to get QL to agree with the Sako ggetting 2675 fps with 23.375" barrel, then a 26" would get 2738 fps and an 18" would get 2511 fps.
all at 51,633 psi
The 7mm-08 was SAAMI registered at 61,000 psi by Remington.
The same case head does 65,000 psi in the 22-250 Reminton.
Switching to H4895, another extreme powder, could drive that bullet at 2939 fps with a 7mm-08 26" barrel and 65,000 psi.
I have pushed the 150 gr BT through a 26" barrel and a 7mmRM at 3375 fps, yet 3250 fps with the same load in a different rifle.
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