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I resisted giving my tools inventory because I go all long-winded explaining why I made each choice. WAY too long a post. So, I decided to leave that out. I just show the list here.

In 2010 I set aside all my reloading gear and replaced everything (except those few pieces which were already the perfect choice). This is what I kept.


Eye protection (Dedicated to loading. Never load without it.)

Lee Classic Turret Press and my old RCBS Rockchucker single stage

2x6 board to mount the presses on (one at a time, naturally)

a folding workbench to mount the board on

Lee Dies, carbide, for each chambering I load. Some 4-die set, some 3-die set

Lee Safety Prime. Not perfect, but close and will do for now.

Lee Pro Auto-disk powder measure (working up to one per die set)

Turret disk, one per set of dies



Lee Dippers

RCBS 10-10 Beam Scale.

Powder Trickler

Powder funnel

Bullet puller

Brass Tumbler. Got mine as a gift. I think my clean, but tarnished, brass embarrassed my friend

2 Loading blocks

Powder Trickler

misc accessories & tools, (e.g. chamfer tool, primer pocket uniformer, magnifying glass, etc)

Miscellaneous coffee cans, etc for storing stuff (but powder and primers ALWAYS stay in their factory packaging)

I think that is everything.

For loading the quantities that I shoot, this is ideal for me and my personal style. I also don't like monitoring multiple simultaneous operations and I like the quick and easy caliber changes afforded by the Lee Turret press over the more complicated and expensive caliber swaps of the progressives.

If you shoot more, a progressive might be better. If you shoot small quantities of rifle ammunition with the goal of supreme accuracy, a single stage (RCBS RockChucker, Lyman Orange Crusher, Lee Classic Cast, Forster Co-Ax, etc) might be better.

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