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ltcboy - I hope you enjoy it. I haven't shot mine very much this year (if at all? ), but I know I can count on it any time I need it.

Axelwik, I'm glad that stock worked out for you.
My rifle just didn't want to be free-floated. It was a tack driver in the factory stock, but printed shotgun patterns in the Boyd's stock. With some card stock wedged between the Boyd's stock and the barrel, for a fore-end pressure point, some of the accuracy came back. Since I needed a bit of a light weight "mountain rifle" anyway, and didn't feel like pillar-bedding and building pressure points in the Boyd's stock, I just went back to what I knew worked.

However, the gentleman I sold the Boyd's stock to said that with no modifications, it took his .30-06 XL7 from a 1.5"-2" 100 yard rifle, to a 0.5 MoA tack-driver.
Luck of the draw, I guess. But... it worked out for both of us.
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