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Maybe you've read about the Spanish FR8. If not, be aware that it was built on the strong large-ring 8mm Mauser action.
The FR7, which is almost identical, was built on the older, much weaker small-ring 7mm action. Many full-length Spanish Mausers were converted 7mms, and are labeled 7.62 or .308. The FR7s are a shortened version of these.

The FR8s are strong enough for modern .308 ammo, as the actions were built for 8mm Mauser.
Many people are confused about by the so-called ammo issue: the Spanish built their own ammo version, the milder Spanish 7.62 Nato ammo for rifles they converted to 7.62 Nato barrels, using the weaker action of their old 7mm rifles. These weaker 7mm actions are why they downrated their Spanish Nato 7.62 ammo.

Anyway, many of the FR8s saw very little use by the Guardia Nacional, have very bright bores (no exposure to corrosive ammo), are easy to carry around and are often sold with the Cetme bayonets. Other than the magazine, notice certain features of the new, much pricier Ruger GSR which seem to be 'borrowed' from the Enfield #5 "Jungle" and/or the FR8.

Three of the FR8's rear sight settings are apertures for 200, 300 and 400 yards. It's a very solid, compact gun for about $425.

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