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A different view

Originally Posted by Prof Young
Start with a powder measure and scale not dippers.
I used lee dippers when I started and while it was mostly okay, i had a few squibs and I was limited to the powders that I could find a dipper equivalent for.
Now that I'm using a scale and powder measure I'm learning that some of the dippers actually have fewer grains of powder than the minimum suggested loads in the books.

Now, I usually load somewhere in the middle between the minimum and maximum suggested loads. Can't do that with dippers, unless you custom make your own.
Powder measures and dippers are both strictly volumetric measures. Without a scale to verify the amount you are getting neither is sufficient. You need a scale. You can do with dippers or you can do with a measure or you can do without (spooning and trickling the powder into the scale's pan).

You couldn't find a dipper equivalent? Stuffing some wadding, wood glue or chewing gum into the bottom a too-large dipper will adjust the powder quantity easily enough. Customizing your dippers is easy.

I use a scale to verify my Auto-disk powder measure when using my Turret press because it is fast, easy and convenient for continuous processing. If I were doing batch processing, I would use a scale to verify dipper charges (weighing each if I were wanting super-accuracy) and depending on my dipping technique (which is pretty good if I do say so myself) and statistical sampling to give me adequate consistency.

To each their own, but I would say that a scale and dippers is a very good way to start.

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