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I beg to differ at least slightly mleake

MLeake, I am not gonna take sides either way on that plus I'm gonna steer away from the pyschobabble as noted, but I wanted to respond when I saw the last two posts before I saw your and Glenn's posts...I wasn't able to:

basically I got to call BS here, agree with Glenn, whatever you want to call it if I am incorrect in how I am labeling it. All I wanted to say when I read those two posts is that I can't conclusively say what you woody or you tickling would do but, that being said, I can hazard a guess that you wouldn't have done anything. First of all, you are both 'romanticizing' the event...AKA BBQ sauce, handing off the handgun, and so-on. Chances are its just romance and wouldn't have compe to pass.. just my two cents. again, I can't conclusively say what you would or would not do. Of course one romance was started with common sense and truth - I wouldn't jump in. the other enjoys the convo and agrees with the best qoute ever(one I disagree with), and I think you would think about your family when it came time to pass and then well you wouldn't have jumped in anywhere tickling...

only a small percentage of people would have had an immediate response to this calamity(at least one that was calm enough, not just based on emotional drama and so-on).
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