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I remember when Glocks were thought of as junk plastic guns,but after a few decades look what most are buying these days plastic wonder 9's ( yes I include .40s&w and .45 acp versions)

The Governor and judge revolvers will prove themselves to be no different.
Sorry but you are a little delusional if you think the Governor or Judge is going to be the next Glock of the handgun world. I consider the Judge and Governor to be novelty guns and the hype will slowly die off in the next few years. They try to mimic a shotgun only to come up pitifully short in power, accuracy, and reliable spread of the shot. They are awful with the .45 loads and the gun is far to large to be used for that application. They give no real advantage over a typical handgun caliber but give up a whole lot.

okay then let me narrow this down some....what is the best close range defensive handgun?
There isn't one, because if there was everyone would own and carry it. Everyone has different needs for a handgun, so the best handgun for me could be completely different than what is the best for someone else. Sometimes I carry a small .38 or .380, usually a compact 9mm. It all depends on where I'm going and what I am wearing. The 9mm, .40, .45, .357 etc... are all street proven calibers. They have decades of use with success and there's no arguing against it. The .410 shot shells do nothing these calibers cant, but those calibers can do alot that the .410s cant. I would rather become proficient with a 9mm or .45 and become confident in where I can place my shots, than rely on a .410 shot shell launching a few lead balls randomly down range.
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