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Okay then Experts show me the "Best" handgun for self defense.
That's just the thing. There is not one "best" handgun for self defense. It isn't as simple as you seem to think and are trying to make it. Killing a pig by shattering its skull is not the definition of the perfect carry gun. Does it make for a lethal pig stopper inside of 6 feet? Sure....but that is a niche market to say the least.

The fact that you are claiming that this gun is the be-all-end-all is what is so frustrating and even annoying. There are people that come here again thinking that there is one "best" gun out there, and instead of being able to inform them that there is more to it than just face value, that it varies from person to person, they are getting the same thing from you that they will from a know-nothing gun store counter guy.

It defeats the purpose of being able to educate people on what it actually takes to choose a good handgun.

Is the judge/governor good for a few things? Sure. Is it best at any? Well, I would say killing snakes and other vermin. But there are better options for 99% of people who are looking for a carry gun.
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