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That a question is asked at all, implies the lack of a sufficiently informed, objective basis to make a judgement on.

When I fire as quick as I can pull the trigger (double action), I get more hits in better groups, even with .357 magnum (albeit out of a 6" barrel L frame). This is at a still target, though.
The revolver sounds like a logical enough decision based just on this (unless we're assuming more inaccurate shots equals more hits, now...). If you do better with a semi in simulations shooting simunitions (that's hard to say!), you may want to change your mind; but I'd bet you wouldn't need our opinions to make that call, though

I know I don't have enough money to spend on tactical courses if I'm practicing enough, even if they do help. Practice more with both, you'll see which you're most effective with. If you have access to such a range where you can rent weapons for the weekend and run courses, that would be a sweet way to quickly figure out what works for you best. But I (most of us?) don't have access to such a Disneyland that doesn't require first joining a faraway country club and paying far out...I would if I could--and I'll leave it at that

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