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DASHZNT, This may be your lucky day. I'd have to count the but close to 500 new IMI 7.62x39 cases and maybe 300 new K&P made by laupa 7.62x39 brass.

If your interested PM and I'll get accurate count on brass and I've had this brass over 10/12 years and if I price it for what I paid for it back then you get good deal plus shipping.

One of my early wildcat project was the 308 case shorten to 1 1/2" then I did the 30x44 and 30x47 those last two were for the HBR matches. I've also take the 7.62x39 and formed 6ppc/22ppc case. I also build couple rifles bolt action rifles chamber for the 7.62x39 in 30cal with 1/15 thru 1/18 twist barrels for some of the 112/118gr bullets.

If you decide to buy this brass I'll send you a sample of the IMI and K&P brass before you send payment and you'll see this is good brass if you don't like it keep the brass.
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