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Then please don't let it get outta hand. I think I'd really like to know the darned things capability or limitations from a member here who has one and knows it and is willing to share objective facts, not generalizations or a subjective "mine is best" (always a pet peeve).
Actually we are quite reasonable when we try and show him that his claim of 'best' is unsubstantiated when compared to proven handgun FACTS we show him. Continuing to blindly follow what he believes as fact, which in itself is fine. But when he keeps trying to show us the 'error of our ways' it be comes tiresome. Then there a novices that are just learning and can take his opinion as fact, which can then endanger them. Believing this gun to posses traits outside its abilities .

IIRC, Pfletch has put down a hog with it, so he's got that going for him. But self defense against someone using lethal force against you isn't quite the same... maybe (like I'd know... maybe said porker was coming at him w/ tusks snapping... dunno).
He shot a pig in the head. It died.

Yes the Gov CAN serve as a HD/SD weapon but it is by NO MEANS "THE BEST" weapon.
E-Shock rounds are engineered to expend maximum energy into soft targets, turning the density mass into an expanding rotational cone of NyTrilium matrix particles, causing neurological collapse to the central nervous system.- Yeah I can do that.
I guarantee you will know it if a bicyclist hits your house going 1000 mph. -Smaug
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