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The .357 has more energy, better SD, better penetration for the 10th time. There is no factory 10mm gun/ammo that will outdo a 4" .357 with 180 grain bullets from Buffalo Bore.
Buffalo bore isn't the only ammo company. Double Tap produces a load using 200 gr 10mm bullets that chronograph 1315 fps from my G-20 with a bit over 750 ft lbs energy. Buffalo Bore shows their load only 60 fps faster from a 4" barrel, but with a 20 gr lighter bullet. Do the math, but 200 Gr @ 1315 vs 180 gr @ 1375 is about as close to a tie as you're going to get if you believe in energy. But it is my opinion the larger caliber, heavier bullet at virtually the same energy is a more effectve round.

But forget barrel length, lets compare comparable size guns. Compared to a full size 3" revolver the 4.5" 10mm is still an inch shorter, 14 oz lighter, holds 2.5X more ammo and certainly generates more energy. Using as a reference a 3" revolver is slower with 180 gr bullets than the 10mm is with 200 gr bullets. Just to equal the 10mm with a 4" 357 revolver you have to go to an even heavier, more cumbersome gun.

And barrel length is huge. If you choose a 6" or longer 357 it will easily beat 10mm. For a hunting gun the longer barreled 357 is a far better choice. The longer barrel gives enough speed to be the clear winner. They also tend to be more accurate and with better triggers. For woods defense either will work, but I prefer the 10mm for the reasons cited above.

A size comparison

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