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Need Advice Please...

I am currently looking for my first ccw. I plan to carry ITW and would prefer something in .40 for the time being.

I own two handguns at the moment. I have my grandfather's S&W model 36 snub nose .38 special (the paper in the box is dated 1955) and I recently bought a Beretta 92A1 for my primary home defense gun. (Easier for the wife to fire accurately on nights I'm away, easier to reload in the dark, and has the option for me to attach a light/laser combo for checking the house when the wife hears bumps in the night.)

I have narrowed down my search to 6 options. I would love to hear opinions from people who own one of these guns, comparisons from people who own two or more of them, and/or recommendations that I may not have considered so far. Please offer opinions based on reliability, accuracy, comfort to carry (weight,size,shape), etc... Price is not an issue as I do not mind paying up to around $1000 for a quality handgun that I will be carrying on my person at all times. The guns I am considering are listed below (all chambered in .40).

Sig Sauer P239 SAS Gen 2
PX4 Storm Type F Sub-Compact
H&K P2000 SK
Springfield XD Sub-Compact
Walther PPS
M&P Shield

Thank you in advance for your advice.
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