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Not normally the case (pun intended). I've seen somewhat tight new unprimed Lake City Match and some really tight IMI match, but never Winchester. That's a surprise. And Federal primers are what I went to back when CCI still made tight fitting primers (1980's) because they didn't exhibit that problem. The Tula primers I have are indeed tougher to seat (about like 1980's CCI), and I've taken to running even uncrimped primer pockets through my Dillon swager before using them.

The only large rifle primer pocket spec I have is one from Remington. They speck the diameter as 0.2090" ±0.0004" wide, and they note 80 lb to 100 lb seating force is required with a Remington primer. Their primer for it had a diameter of 0.2100" +0.0005", the press fit interference is supposed to be no less than 0.0006" and not more than 0.0019". See if you can "slug" the pocket by tapping some lead into it, then mic the impression. You can also mic the OD of your primers. That will tel you if you got some tight brass or fat primers (though note that primer can be eccentric; you want the average of the narrowest and widest place to be inside the spec).

I have seen a couple of complaints about Winchester brass in the recent past and wondered if their move from Alton, IL to Oxford, MS had something to do with it.
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