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Berry's .38 Bullet Issue


I have had issues with Berry's in the past regarding this, so I don't know why I keep going back to them...except their cheap.

I'll cut to the chase: I bought some (2,000) .38/.357 double struck, 158 grain, round nose bullets. They measure .355" in diameter. Is this too small of a diameter? The problem is that they are just too loose in the cases. I have Zero and Hornady brand bullets; they measure .357" and/or .358" in diameter and seem to work fine--nice and snug in the cases. I've used other Berry's bullets and they work fine, but I always seem to have sizing issues with their .38 bullets. One gent suggested using a 9mm sizing die...and I did on my last batch...worked just fine. But on this new batch, they're loose, even with using my 9mm sizing die. Is .002" too little to be worried about, and if so, why are the slugs too loose in the cases (before belling the mouth of the case).

Thanks in advance for replies.

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