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zzzzzzzzzzz__*snort*...Huh? We still doin' this? j/k

Take Sport's advice. Use what feels right as a basis. Better than starting with something you know feels uncomfortable. As you practice, you'll come to your own informed conclusions as to how to proceed with your self defense choices. When I get to where I can dump 6 rounds accurately out of my .357 before someone could jump me from 4 yards, I'd consider going higher.

I chose the TRR8 because it looks good, feels right, shoots great, is light, and optics can be easily mounted if I feel like being extra ridiculous at the range. The two extra rounds were merely a side effect of it being an N-frame , and just serve to make the gun "interesting" in my eyes. I'd feel just as "safe" with 5 in the chamber (since I could only get ~4 on target in time )

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