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Tight Winchester Pockets?

The backstory.

I was using Tula Large Rifle Magnum primers in 6.5x55 Swede (win brass) and 30-06 (federal brass) and seating primers was...difficult. I assumed that this was due to the Russian primers.

Today I bought the new Lee XR hand prime tool (love the square primer feed tray, totally awesome) and decided to prep a brand new bag of 308 Winchester (Win brass) with Fed GMM large rifle primers (not my usual brand, they were given to me by a friend and I'm fresh out of BR-2s).

Oh Sweet Shivering Shiva Sorting Sandy Shells on the Seashore, those primers did NOT want to go in. So either Fed GMM is a tad oversized (like I assume the Tula LRM primers are) or Win primer pockets were a tad undersized.

Anyone else run into primer seating issues with Winchester brand brass? I've been using it for years, but didn't start reloading 6.5x55 until this year, and this is my first fresh bag of 308 in a long while, so has anyone notice this phenomena with primer seating?

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