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Note to the op you seem awfully confrontational with people who make a point or may i say counter point to your opinion on this issue. Yes i do agree with klawman as he is very well respected here and quite knowledgeable.
the 12 GA. round is far superior and you can try to sell your opinion all you wish. If all i had was a .410 that is all i would use and i would wish for a 12 GA. I'm sure. I'm not a ballistic expert but what i do know is that when i was a child my grandfather handed me a .410 and said when i grow up i could use a 12 GA.
^^^^^^^^^^NOTE TO THE STAFF^^^^^^^^^^
i am surprised that the staff allowed this thread to continue as a argument.
The more i read the more i was disgusted by the argumentativeness.
This is why i don't frequent some of the other forums.
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