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While admiring it lol I noticed it basically uses a shortened 1911 mag with a different location for the catch.
The same could be said of Ruger P 90/97/345 magazines. Springs and followers are interchangeable w/ 1911 (AFAIK), mag catch hole in a different place. I speculate that it was probably done deliberately, to keep people from using cheap 1911 magazines of unknown quality.

What's the likelihood of converting a 1911 mag where it would work in both reliably.
Mayyyyybe. Try it and see. Even good 1911 magazines aren't very expensive,

----edit to add---

so if you waste one modifying it, you're not out much.

Looking at the pics at Midway, I suspect the modification would be more trouble than it's worth if not totally impractical. 5 round magazines are $23, 7 round with sleve, $32. Not, IMHO, all that expensive.
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