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Need help picking a revolver.

Alright, due to some of my department's policies and my administrations lack of updating our firearms policy since 1996 I am a little restricted as to what I can choose as a backup weapon. (16 freaking years. Maybe if we didn’t play gulf so much for political purposes we could actually get the department up to par!)

I want a backup weapon, a revolver to be specific. Since we have no policy dictating backup weapon parameters, I am stuck using the policy that was written for primary weapons. This means I need a 4 inch barrel for a revolver and it must be a .38 special or .357 magnums.

Remember that this is a backup weapon, so frame size is a big factor, along with capacity. I want something along the lines of 5 rounds of .357. The only option I’ve found so far is the Ruger SP101. That’s merely due to barrel length. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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