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Should I be ok with this? (CZ SP-01)

So I finally took apart my CZ SP-01 to clean it (took a while to get the cleaning stuff in :P), and noticed a few imperfections. The first one seems inconsequential and nitpicky, and I dont think #2 is actually anything, but #3 seems not right. I apologize in advance for the bad pictures. The gun was sold new in box and wasnt handled by the public. I will number these and you guys can decide whether this is acceptable or not:

1)This I dont really care about much. There are are a couple spots where there is a little raised speckle or two:

(there are a couple other ones to the right of this that I couldnt get in a picture, but they were even smaller)

2)There are like, little notches in the underside of the rail. Here is one, but there are other spots that show too:

3)This, unlike the others, I think actually is a problem. There's a little spot that seems the polycoat is marred under the safety when I raise it. It also doesnt even bother me much because I rarely use the safety.

What do you guys think? For #3, the only one I'm really worried about, it seems almost everyone thinks its completely normal and was probably caused by the people who tested it at the factory. I figured I'd ask because I literally have had zero experience with firearms up until this point.

Thanks guys!
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