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Wolf 154 grain SP was a favorite of mine but appears to have been discontinued, according to Midway. I see Herters is now making the 154, hopefully it's the same load.
Neither Wolf or Herters actually mfg. ammo,your 154 gr. ammo will be from the same mfg. in Russian no matte who's name is on the box. Wolf is just an importer that contracts out it's ammo to various countries,there owned by SSI a corporation in the United States. Some of the ammo mainly steel case berdan primed cartridges are made in Russian mainly by Tula,Prvi Partizan of Serbia makes the brass case centerfire cartridges and the German Co. SK make the match 22 rf. ammo.

Herters on the other hand is now owned by a Indonesian company that bought the rights to the Herters name,Cabala's carries Herters name brand products. You may find about anyones ammo in a Herters box they just repackage others mfg. ammo.

Herters was a Wisconsin base sporting goods company started by George Leonard Herter. Cabala's and Bass Pro Shop or just two of the big box sporting stores that modeled there business after the original Herters.

Knowing your ammo an who makes it may save you a couple bucks if you have a choice between two brands. why pay extra for a name when you get the same thing in both boxes.
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