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I own Ed Browns and a Colt Gold Cup Trophy (and other Colts). I formerly owned a Kimber. I'm not a big Kimber fan and will leave it at that. The Colt Gold Cup is a solid gun. The trigger on mine is a bit heavy for a target pistol but that can be remedied. It is reasonably accurate and, so far, has been reliable (still relatively new). The modern Colts are good guns.

However, my Browns are head and shoulders above the Colt as they are semi-custom with more hand fitting and a better finish. In my hands they are more accurate and the slide feels like it's on ball bearings. Whether it is worth the extra money is an individual decision.

WVSig mentioned Wilson. They are excellent handguns. I bought one very gently used at a reasonable price. The differences become them and Brown are subtle and subjective. New, they cost more than Browns but it is hard for me to justify the additional cost. That is just personal preference.
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