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It's not really that I feel like 6 rounds isn't enough, it's just all these people saying it's not enough makes me question myself. If no one said differently I would have never considered that 6 shots aren't enough.

I shoot revolvers vastly better than semi autos and feel more comfortable with a revolver. I'm thinking that carrying a 6 shot revolver with a 10 shot Glock 26 as backup might be sufficient. After all, if after 6 shots of .357 Magnum I don't have enough time to draw my backup, it's probably just my time to go

Bill Jordan, Mr. Revolver to my generation wrote that he believed the revolver was by far the best choice for day to day law enforcement. He also wrote that having a high capacity wonder nine in reserve might be a good idea.

I think that is reasonable advice. Six for sure and just in case I need a little more sure...
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