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PatientWolf I here ya, I am on a SS kick right now also. I don't mind this one not being SS because the black is more camouflaged. While I don't have any qualms with the trigger this may be because I am just now really getting more serious with rifles- I have always been more into handguns. But I like how Col. Cooper said "handguns are just to fight yourself back to your rifle" LOL. Additionally, I have a Ruger M77 30-06 so I very well may just be used to these triggers if they're similar.

trg42wraglefragle, I'm hoping to get some serious shooting in next weekend! If so I'll try and get some data back on it! I hear this short 16" barrel is going to bring the range in quite a bit for this .308. I have not had much practice out past 300-400 yards or so even with my 300 WSM, so it may not affect me for some time!
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