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WARNING for new reloaders

I'm a new reloader myself. So far I only reload 9mm. This is a little embarrassing but ill share it in the name of safety. I have heard many different types of warnings but this one I haven't heard much. Actually a friend of mine who also reloads warned me about this. I'm glad he did cause it happened today . While shooting some test reloads I came accross one that seemed really weak. It made more of a poof and had little or no recoil. If I were really new to this and was not pre warned I may have continued shooting.. Instead , I stopped shooting and field stripped it on the spot . Yup, there was a bullet jammed in the barrel. If I ignored the symptom I could have been hurt. Somewhere along the line I failed to put a charge in the round and the primer was enough to push the bullet out. I'm using a turret press. I was distracted at some point. When my friend warned me I immediately started taking precautions but I reloaded this batch before the warning. I used a wooden dowel rested the breech end of the barrel on a block of wood , and was able to get it out. I lost some range time and gained some wisdom. I will always look down in to the case with every stroke of the press.
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