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I’ll be releasing an AIWB holster during the first part of December. I have a ton of research into this project and feedback from several qualified instructors and real world operators. Over the last year I have transitioned to “True Believer” status on the pros of the appendix carry for CCW. The speed the weapon can be effectively deployed from concealment is unmatched. The primary reason this is possible is that the non-shooting hand clears the clothing while the shooting hand acquires the firing grip. The speed advantage is even greater from seated positions when compared to strong side carry locations.
Saying all that, however; Appendix carry is not for everyone. If you do not train forget about it. Body type is also an issue. If you are a “Dunlap” method conceal guy; that is if you use the excess portion of your belly that laps over your belt to help hide your firearm then you gain no advantage from AIWB carry. I am not being judgmental here that is just the fact of the matter. Big guys who hang over their belts are better served with a strong side carry. A proper holster is also key. It must enable you to securely carry while also allowing you to position the weapon in the proper place. For me that means that the grip of the weapon is above the belt sufficient for a full firing grip prior to the draw. If your carry is too low then you will waist time and motion as you dig the weapon out from under the belt. Printing can also be an issue. Body type, holster type, placement in conjunction with a correct carry for deployment all play roles in determining if AIWB is correct for you.
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