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It was mostly accident and some part my fault for not seeing the double feed. I still want to blame my self. At least I was pointed downrange and wearing eye protection and didn't have anyone sitting at the bench to my right.

The reason I thought the neosporin might work is its mostly petroleum jelly and I was hoping the oil would break it down. I am scrubbing my butt off but the stuff shot deep into my hand like a thousand splinters. The x-ray shows a chunk of metal about an inch into my hand.

The only thing on the weapon damaged was the extractor being bent and the stock has a hairline crack behind the receiver. The steel cartridge that was in the chamber blew out the primer and berdan anvil piece (whats in my hand I suspect) and bulged around the base. The round that struck the primer has the bullet a bit bent along with a crease in the casing.

I don't know if a brass case would have burst on me I might be lucky it was steel otherwise I might not have a pinky finger.
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