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Let me chime in on a couple of things. Yes, if you are looking for a pump specifically the Browning action makes follow up shots quicker and more smoothly than any other pump. Partly the geometry of the gun, very little muzzle rise. Couple that with a smooth fast action and it definitely makes you better.
Now onto Ghost Ring sights. The first time I had an opportunity to take my BPS out it was not at a skeet range but at a local area used for shooting. I threw a bunch of clay pigeons up and down the hill and tried to hit three in a row as quickly as the gun would let me. Bruised the crap out of my shoulder running through multiple boxes because it was so much fun Shoulder the gun, drop the bead onto the target, pull the trigger, transition to the next target, pull trigger, etc. There is no possible way I could have transitioned from target to target as quickly as I did while keeping my eye focused through a small hole. As soon as the bead hit the target it would almost disappear on it's own by the end. I like and have used ghost ring sights but at least I can't use them as quickly as that. BTW I think I stumbled onto a fun (but not painless) way to train to use my home defense weapon, after the first time, my reflexes were already well on their way to where they needed to be, and subsequent sessions tuned them further. I KNOW if I have to pick up my BPS in the middle of the night that I can unload as many rounds as are needed accurately and quickly.
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