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Colt, Bravo Company and Daniel Defense are brands I'd trust my life with. For a strictly range gun, you could go a bit cheaper as potential failures would only be a frustration as opposed to a deadly situation. Still, you can get rifles from those brands for $100-$200 more than a similar budget rifle.

Are you fairly handy? It's not difficult to assemble one. All of my future ARs will be built by myself as I can build them with quality parts exactly how I like them.
I would prefer quality, an am ok to pay a bit for it. I dont see myself running to the safe to retrieve it in a home-defense scenario (as my 92FS is in my night stand) but I am sure my attitude would change when I get it given the accuracy (and a flashlight).

I am quite capable, and am a self-professed DIYer... But while I am confident I could assemble one if I had the parts, I don't know where to start when it comes to buying the parts for the receivers or comparing them, etc...
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