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Early Model B's had a central rod that drove the extractor, and one guide rod further out on each side to keep the extended extractor from twisting - aka: dual guide rods.

Your Model B has one of the dual guide rods broken free/off one side of the extractor.

If you remove the forend (pull down on the front end) & unhinge the barrel set ( open the top lever 1st) to examine the underside, you should find a small setscrew or pin that retains the extractor in the holes bored for it & the guide rods beneath the rear of the barrels.

Remove the retainer, and slide out the extractor - the broken guide rod is most likely still in it's hole, and can also be fished out, to be welded back onto it's place on the extractor bar, the weld/slag filed down, and everything re-assembled.

If you have to farm out the welding, you may have to spend $20 or so.

BTW - That firing pin tip should NOT be protruding from the breech, so something's also up there.
It could be a buildup of crud in there, easily power flushed out with a spray can of solvent; or a mashed/tired FP return spring, which would need replacement.

Try the flush 1st.


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