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I agree with Jacob on this one. I also own an R.O. It is my favorite target/range gun because that is what it was built for. The sights are classic target sights with an adjustable all black rear sight and a drift adjustable black front sight. The selling points of a RO are that they have top of the line frame to slide fit with a competition barrel/bushing setup. They added only the basics for target shooting and left the rest for the new owner to customize to his tastes.

I have never thought of actually carrying this gun for SD. I am drawn to the duty/compact type guns like a G23, G27, M&P 40 or M&P 40 Shield...all of which I have carried recently. For me smaller & lighter is better since I put them on in the morning and don't take them off until it is bed time. If I knew in advance when I would need my gun then I would wait until just before I needed it to put in on...but I don't have that insight, so I wear it every second of the day that is feasible. The RO would get uncomfortable after a while for me. But that's just me...
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