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10) The Colt woodsman match target

And last but not least, The Colt woodsman match target. In the pic, both of mine are 3rd gen guns. One of the MTs was bought my father in the 1970s for $102, sold to his Uncle for $100, and then sold to me a few years ago. A special gun to me.


So what do I like? Well I never cared for the looks of early semi autos except for 1911s. I also don't care for Ruger DA revolvers, and many other popular guns. I like the unusual and or vintage guns.

For revolvers, I think the K-22 / model 17s are nice looking guns. I think overall I prefer the S&W looks in general to Colt's looks, but not by a wide margin. I appreciate them both.

6 in or 6.5 in N frames are also fantastic. Here is my 1958 pre model 29 4 screw - what a sheen it has

For semi autos, I like the Walther PP / PPK, the 1911 and most any Woodsman, for looks alone.

This is PP is my 1941 WaA359 accepted PP. The mag serial numbers to the gun, which likely makes it a Luftwaffe (airforce) contract gun.

1911s and its copies are nice. Here is my 1920 commerical with a Star model B

For 1911s, I really like the Colt National Match and Gold Cup guns. Here is my brothers Gold Cup which lives in my safe

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