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While we might not agree on everything, we do have similar tastes in revolvers. I was kind of surprised the 1872 Colt open top made your list, do you have an original one? They're kind of scarce IIRC.

Here are some of my guns from your list:

1) Ruger blackhawk unconverted 357 with a 1965 3 screw unconverted 41 magnum

2) I guess this one is disqualified for being a 5.5 in instead of a 4 3/4 in SAA. 1967 2nd gen 45 colt

6) Colt Python 4in - I never cared for Pythons and I did end up selling this gun. I do want a collector grade example, but Pythons are hard to find reasonable.

7) For this one, I figure you might mean a 5 or 4 screw pre model 27, but you didn't specify. Here is my 27-2 3.5 in, N4XXXXX in the presentation case

8) S&W 586 4in - mine is a nickel no dash, somewhat scarce

9) I have these National Match 38 specials instead of a true Gold Cup.

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