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Copper fouling...

So I have a wild hair after going on a range trip this past weekend.. sighted in two optics sets for my AR, ran some handloads through my pistol, and rang the gong/bell at 225 yards as well. Anyway, long story short, I ran some copper solvent through my Rem 700 BDL that I bought used, and have only taken to a range once or twice. Wow. I watched three footbal games, running two dry patches to clear the last treatment out, followed by a wet patch from about halftime of the first game until about 11PM that night, left it overnight like the bottle said, and I'm still getting blue patches out of the thing.

In my head, I know that there isn't really all that much copper in there, it just seems like it because it cleans out so slow, but my gut reaction is wondering how the heck the thing didn't blow up in my hands because the bore was several calibers smaller from all the copper .
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