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Posted by PiperSuperCubPilot: I shoot revolvers vastly better than semi autos and feel more comfortable with a revolver.
What do you mean by "shoot better?"

If, as fastbolt sugeests, you are speaking of group size when shooting at a target at the range, slow-fire and firing single action, that's one thing. And six shots are plenty. You just reload.

But if you are speaking of defensive pistol shooing, where rounds available would be an issue, that's another thing. The training I mentioned in Post 30 will require some variation of hitting each of three torso sized targets twice or each of two targets three times at close range, in a total elapsed time of just over a second. Not to mention reloading very quickly.

Are you vastly better at that with a revolver?

Some people are very good with revolvers--Ed McGivern was very good, and Jerry Miculek is, but the vast majority of serious trainers and competitors choose semi-autos.

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