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You have 3 your list....

The Ed Brown in your list is about a $2,500 gun ...and I have no doubt its a fine gun for the money.

Colt is doing a better job these days....and that gun's around $1,500...but its nowhere near what an Ed Brown would be.

The Kimber you've selected a mid grade Kimber listing at $ 1,359 ...and I'm not excited about their guns in that price range - but its probably comparable to the Colt you're looking at.

If you wanted to compare a Kimber to an Ed Brown...then look at Kimber custom shop...Gold Combat II models, etc at around $ 2,250 / and while I have a Kimber Gold Combat II Stainless its nowhere near the gun my Ed Brown Kobra Carry is ( both 5" guns in .45 acp).

But if you're really shopping in the $2,500 - $3,500 market ...then at least check out Wilson Combat. In my opinion Wilson and Ed Brown are #1 and #2 in very nice 1911's. I have a pair of Wilson's 5" guns - one in .45 acp (CQB model ) and one in 9mm ( Protector model)...and they're 2 of the finest guns in my safe. Both of them are better than my Brown - in fit, finish, durabilty, etc...and accuracy - and both Wilson's ran 100% right out of the box ...and the Brown sure did not do that ...nor did the the Kimber Gold Combat Stainless II ...
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