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Carrying a 5, 6, 7 or 8-shot revolver isn't going to lead to someone questioning my carrying pistols with 6, 7 & 8-shot magazine capacities, right?

I shoot revolvers vastly better than semi autos and feel more comfortable with a revolver.
That's all well & good, as far as "feeling" goes ... but as someone previously commented, such "feelings" might be best considered against some realistic training and experience.

I've seen my fair share of good revolver shooters experience problems when running them in some different training, drill & qual circumstances. These are the guys and gals that can do fine on a slow-fire, target-style range, taking their time to shoot for accuracy, especially using single action ... but then run into problems when required to use them under some time compression situations, using double action (and I'm not talking about reloading manipulation & speed).

On the other hand, I've also seen some revolver shooters run them very effectively when compared against other folks using semiauto pistols under the same circumstances. Depends on the user.

There's something to consider in the perspective of ammunition capacity possibly becoming a moot point if it can't be employed in a timely, accurate & effective manner before the attacker gets his (or her) shots on-target.

This thread has made me remember some instances where another instructor and I were working with some non-LE, CCW licensee folks who were using both revolvers and semiauto pistols for some classes. In a few instances I remember the other instructor commenting that one or another particular shooter ought to seriously consider using their revolvers for actual carry usage instead of their pistols.


Because they handled and used their revolvers noticeably more confidently and comfortably ... and they were able to get more rapid and accurate hits than when using their pistols.

Sure, some additional training and frequent practice could probably improve their handling and shooting skills with their pistols, but what are the chances they'd have the inclination, time or money to invest? They already had respectable skillsets with their revolvers, though.

I don't shill guns. I just work with whatever folks want to use, or are required to use.

It's all about the user/shooter to me. The particular handgun (revolver, pistol, capacity, caliber, etc) is just an equipment issue.

Suit yourself. The rest of us do.

Hopefully your reasons/reasoning is applicable to real-world circumstances and conditions. (Just like the rest of us tend to hope. )
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