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The price at my LGS is $1,100.00. They can be found on line for about $900.00. It appears that a P228 can be purchased on line for around $600.00 (give or take). I don't know how much it will cost to revise the trigger to SRT. I like the 9mm with no rail or I would look at the P229. WVsig recommends getting and converting the P228 to a SRT. I like this idea but I am curious how much cheaper that is than just getting a new M11A1. It sounds like it would be enough cheaper to be worth it. The night sights are also standard on the M11 but I am not sure I would put night sights on a P228.

Is the pull weight the same? The M11A1 in SA/DA is 10lbs on DA and 4.5 lbs on SA.
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