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This gun is nothing but Sig marketing hype. No govt agency uses this configuration. The submitted it as a replacement for the M11 which is the US military contract designation for the P228 but no one has accepted it today IIRC. They need to get people out of the existing P228/M11 contract because of the cost to make them to the old spec is too high. They cannot make them inside the US because the tooling to make the older frame and the older stamped/folder carbon steel slide are nearing end of life and are in Germany, where IMHO all good Sigs should be made... LOL.

Sig created these guns for consideration. They took a non-railed P229 frame put a MIL-STD UID label of the standard-issue M11 and called it a M11-A1. They are now being sold to the public because they cannot sell them to the military because they have no takers for this new configuration. This is a frankengun IMHO. It has parts from all over the Sig line up. It has the SRT trigger which the P228/M11 never had, a milled stainless steel slide with full height slide serrations, phosphate parts so you can swim with your Sig and used the Mecgar 15 round P229 magazine to bump its capacity. You can covert a existing P228 or P229 into this gun at a much lower cost IMHO.

There is nothing new or special about this gun except for what Sig tells/sells you. I am a traditionalist when it comes to Sigs. If I wanted a P228 with a top heavy milled stainless steel slide I would buy a P229. They existed for years without a rail and can be had for much less than these instant collectibles/ fake military designation pistols.

If you love the configuration go for it just don't over pay. You can get a LNIB P229 and convert it to an SRT trigger and use Mecgars for a lot less than this thing is selling. Personally I will stick with my plain old P228.

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