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Interesting reading from Doc Roberts on this specific topic.

More interesting discussion. Including this comment from TPD223:

I know several guys who have gone back to the J frame after trying small pistols, including the LCPs and the Kahr PM9.

A real issue for some was that when the gun was carried in a pocket and then deployed as it had been carried for several weeks they would get a first round stoppage. Tap-Roll/Rack/Bang would fix the problme, but it was a consistent issue.

I have found that the J frames are far easier to get a shooting grip on when you are trying to draw from the pocket at speed.

The J frames also make, IMHO, the best "get off me gun" in that they don't choke if you have a hard muzzle contact, and there is no slide to foul when clothing, arms and hands may be in the way.
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Good luck.
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